About Us

TheCoimbatore Surgical launched in 1979. Our Founder is (Late) Mr. KK Vijayan. OurPrimary Vision is "To Provide excellent quality equipment andstate-of-the-art technology within an affordable price range." Since thenthe company has been following the vision of its founder and has established itas its mission, too. On 29th April 1999, the company changed its name as"Vibash Coimbatore Surgical Pvt Ltd." Today, after 30 years of theinnovative and successful venture, we are now a familiar name in hospitals andmedical centers all over India as manufacturers and suppliers of orthopedic,spine, general, Plastic and neurosurgery instruments, O.T tables and HospitalEquipments & Furniture.

Adhering to the company's vision, we havelaunched many innovative products. We always tune our ears to grab the feedbackfrom doctors and technicians. These feedbacks are the motivation and fuel tointroduce innovative equipment.  Out strictquality control system enables us to maintain the credibility of our products.The design and production process is keenly aligned to the motto- "toprovide the equipment within an affordable price range." with each sale ofequipment, we establish a bond with our customers. These cordial relationshipshelp us to provide timely service and support and also to gather valuablesuggestions from the end user.

CoimbatoreSurgical products are used across several specialties, including neurosurgery,general surgery, head and neck surgery, orthopedic surgery, pediatric surgery,plastic and reconstructive surgery, trauma, Spine, vascular surgery, andveterinary medicine.Weare the partner with hospitals and customers, using our expertise as aspecialized manufacturer and suppliers of high-quality surgical instruments andorthopedic implants, using only the highest quality steels to InternationalStandards, to unique patterns and designs.

Ourbusiness remit has developed significantly in recent years and we nowdistribute other specialized ranges including Laparoscopic Instruments,Orthopedic Instruments, General Surgical Instruments, Plastic SurgeryInstruments, Nero Surgery Instruments, OT Tables, Auto Clave/ Sterilizers &Hospital Furniture.OurAim is to safely and ethically manufacture service and supply SurgicalInstruments for the Public and Private Healthcare Sector and provide accurateinformation, flexibility, and continuous quality improvement through ourservice and product. 

Wetake great efforts with our design, products, and a procedure, assuringexceptional quality is integral to everything that we do .Westrive to constantly develop single-use instruments that provide our customerswith a genuine solution to their medical device needs .Whetheryou have an idea for a new medical device, we would really like to hear fromyou

 What we Provide ?

1. In-house facility for Instruments & hospital furniture, & medical equipments.

2. Experienced staffs to cater all medically related queries

3. Timely response & maintain the standard of quality.

4. Ensure the quality checks basis on ISO 13485 quality standards.

Your Benefits:

1. Hassle free inquiry Management

2. One stop solution

3. Adherence to timely delivery

4. Best in class material & Quality